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It is a platform to buy or invest into property or business investments directly from or with the owner. Salty Options is the owner.
It is also the ideal place for property or business owners to sell their wares directly to a buyer. Salty Options is the buyer.

It is mandatory by law that sellers or entities offering investment opportunities perform an anti-money laundering check on everyone they transact with.

Where you currently reside is part of the legal process, and as our platform can be accessed from anywhere in the world, it is essential that we know which country you permanently reside in.

To prove that you have the means to invest into or buy our investments.

They have a secure encrypted platform for ID and facial recognition to perform this part of the AML check.

You deal directly with the owner or buyer, so, no brokers, agents, or middlemen with self-serving interests. The convenience of having everything within one platform. No one on this platform is without the means or the wares to be here.

Organise appointments to speak directly to us, afterwards liaise through a secure chatbox within your dashboard, which also allows you or us to upload any pertinent information. The dashboard also acts as a digital storehouse for all transactions made.

It is a valuable resource that enables investors to buy investments that are bona fide and have real substance behind them.

You directly invest into property and / or business investments that aligns with our investment strategy, so, investments that we mandate as long-term sound investments.


Between 0.75% to 1.5% per month depending on the investment amount and type, paid at the end of the term on a non-compounding basis.

The equity partner pays for all costs that pertains to the development, including the PM fee, development finance and so on… For this, we split the profits 50/50 at the end.

No, and we strongly advise any Investor to seek legal advice before making any investment with us.  

Aside from it being private, discrete and you deal directly with the buyer, after we do our extensive due diligence on your business, we will offer you a fair and reasonable price on mutually agreeable terms. Moreover, we will seek out ways to improve efficiencies, processes, supply chains, products and services, staff and clientele experiences to increase productivity, thus, enhancing the financial well-being of each business.

We are buyers of substantial development sites at any stage in the development cycle or high yielding properties in prime locations (CBD or surrounding areas) in the UK or Australia. We will give you a decision within 72hrs of you providing us with all the details on your property.

Tel: 0203 918 1600

Email: property@saltyoptions.com

Yes, we would, only if the project is financially viable and falls within our development strategy, and we believe that the JV partner is the right fit for us, then yes, we would consider this as an option.

Yes, they can, however, they will need to use a different email account.

Yes, you can, and all legal documents will be stored within your dashboard.

It is owned by RWL Projects Ltd, a UK company, and the director thereof owns Lomond Property Group which has been involved in property developing for 25+ years in 10 different countries spanning 3 continents with offices in Singapore and the UK. www.lomondpg.com